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Keep using your BAM, CRAM and FASTQ files, but using just a fraction of the space.

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Faster transfers

Accelerate transfers to/from the cloud, and share data with collaborators.

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Give collaborators accelerated remote access to your genomics data.

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Software for smaller, faster genomics data

PetaGene software addresses challenges caused by growing volumes of genomics data. Developed by an award-winning team from the University of Cambridge, PetaGene grew out of a project exploring new storage and compression approaches in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute. It achieves up to a 5x reduction in both storage costs and data transfer times (compared to gzipped FASTQ and BAM files), and transparently integrates with existing storage infrastructure and bioinformatics pipelines.

Award winning innovation

PetaGene won Best of Show at Bio-IT World 2016 in Boston, the premiere conference for IT in the Life Sciences, for our PetaSuite compression tools, in the category for optimising speed and storage. There were 46 entrants in the competition including EMC, CleverSafe (IBM), Avere and others from the 190 exhibiting companies altogether. Here's what they had to say about PetaSuite:

"The judges chose a new product that could give you millions of dollars worth of storage savings right now, a product that several of our judges wanted to go buy immediately after lunch."
Allison Proffitt, Editorial Director of Bio-IT World

Superior Compression

PetaGene greatly reduces the footprint of genomics datasets without compromising on throughput, thereby addressing storage concerns, and enabling researchers to focus on data analysis. It compresses datasets in FASTQ and BAM by up to 5x while preserving genotyping accuracy. With lossless compression reduce hardware storage costs down to as little as a quarter of the original cost.

Easy Integration

We've worked hard to make PetaGene integration seamless. There's no need for a separate mount or volume. Just compress your BAM or FASTQ files where they are, and you can continue using the exact same BAM and FASTQ filenames but with up to a 5x size reduction. Compression even preserves access control permissions, extended attributes and timestamps. Your tools and pipelines don't need to know that anything has changed.

Faster Transfers

With streaming compression, PetaGene enables faster transfers of genomics datasets between any network endpoints, improving collaboration between researchers. PetaGene also enables WAN acceleration for fast direct access by remote collaborators.

Open Access

No lock-in. Free decompression and accessibility updates. Use PetaGene software to compress and easily distribute your data to others. They can freely access PetaGene-compressed files as ordinary BAM or FASTQ files.