About PetaGene

PetaGene initially began as “Project PetaGene,” a research project by a group of PhD graduates from the University of Cambridge, who worked in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute to try to solve the problem of genomic data storage from a new angle. PetaGene was a member of London-based incubator Entrepreneur First’s sixth cohort, from which it graduated in 2016.

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Dan Greenfield, Co-Founder and CEO

A Cambridge University PhD with a Masters in Bioinformatics, Dan has experience leading teams in Silicon Valley to build groundbreaking new products. His PhD was awarded a prize for the top dissertation in the UK by the British Computer Society.

Vaughan Wittorff, Co-Founder and Business Development Manager

A Cambridge University PhD, Vaughan has significant experience in inventing technology and commercializing it in the private sector. He was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Curtin University of Technology, and long-term Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University in Computer Science and Technology.