PetaSuite Protect adds security, access control and
auditing to genomic data management.


With PetaSuite Protect you can manage genomic data security with fine-grain access, demonstrate compliance and enable deep-auditing of usage for regular genomic data files. Combined with the other PetaSuite capabilities of transparent compression and cloud access, it’s a specialized management tool for genomic data.

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Secure your data

PetaSuite Protect prevents unauthorised access
to genomic data by applying FIPS 140-2
compliant AES-256 regional encryption. Multi
level granular access permissions control who has
access to any given file, or part of a file. Admins
and data stewards can control permissions using
the PetaSuite Protect Management Server and
can grant or revoke access in real-time.

Audit data use

Via the PetaSuite Protect Management Server users who have appropriate permissions can grant access on a granular basis to people within their organization, and outside. Once access has been granted and the data made available, the cryptographic ledger also records searchable information relating to how the data is accessed and used.

Demonstrate compliance

To be compliant with the relevant regulations, holders of genomic data must implement the necessary security protocols and demonstrate that those steps have been taken. PetaSuite Protect simplifies these tasks firstly by applying robust encryption to the data. Then, it creates records of who has access, and how that access is used, allowing data stewards to demonstrate that the appropriate measures have been taken.

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Benefits of PetaSuite Protect

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Easy to use

PetaSuite Protect Management
Server accessed via browser or with
bed files to enable easy set up and
management of access to data.

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Transparent access

Transparent cloud or on-premises
integration so there is no need to
amend your existing tools or

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Won’t slow you down

On-the-fly client-side decryption and decompression provide quick scalable access to data across multiple
simultaneous users.

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Manage user access

Unique keys for each region of each file mean users only see the data you allow them to.

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