Cost Savings

Storage cost reduced up to 90%


Lossless Streaming Compression

Full validation and MD5 matching


Faster Transfer

Data transfer times reduced by up to 90%


Transparent Usage

Access compressed files in their original format. Your tools and pipelines won’t even know that anything has changed.


Speeds up Analysis

Reduces I/O which dominates performance


NGS Quality Score Refinement

Optional feature preserves and improves genotyping accuracy


No lock-in

Free updates and decompression tools. Distribute your compressed data to others.


Easy IT Deployment

Software and tools are user mode. No security issues. No sysadmin headaches.

Want to know how much you can save?

Award Winning Innovation

PetaGene has twice won Best of Show at Bio-IT World in Boston, the premier conference for IT in the Life Sciences.  The first win came in 2016 for PetaSuite, which beat 46 competitors to win in the category for optimising speed and storage.  In 2018, PetaGene won again in the storage infrastructure and hardware category for the innovations delivered by the Cloud Edition of PetaSuite.

“The judges chose a new product that could give you millions of dollars worth of storage savings right now, a product that several of our judges wanted to go buy immediately after lunch.”

Allison Proffitt

Boston, USA Editorial Director of Bio-IT World

Bio-IT World awards 2016 & 2018


“We were looking for a reliable NGS compression solution that we could quickly deploy at scale on our large cluster and would allow us to reduce our tier 1 storage needs. We were under time pressure to decide on a solution for funding reasons and PetaGene was willing to go the extra mile to help us. We decided to go with PetaGene as they offer transparent on-the-fly decompression and we estimated that there would be an overall cost saving compared to other solutions.”

Dr Christophe Trefois of Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine

Dr Christophe Trefois

Belvaux, Luxembourg
Technical Specialist at Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg

“Handling the enormous amount of data we receive from genome sequencing is a huge challenge in our group as we analyse data from more than 10,000 human genomes... PetaGene’s solutions allow us to easily store, use and visualise the sequencing data at a fraction of the cost.”

Dr Chris Penkett Head of Pipelines for the 10K NIHR Rare Disease Genomes Project

Dr Chris Penkett

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Head of Pipelines for the 10K NIHR Rare Disease Genomes Project NHS Blood and Transplant & University of Cambridge

Customers and Collaborators

Table showing size of files created using Fastq.gz, bam, cram and PetaGene compression

How Does it Work?

  • PetaGene supplies multi-threaded Linux software (PetaSuite) for you to use to losslessly compress your BAM and FASTQ.gz files by up to 10x, whether on-premises on in the cloud.
  • You never need to decompress the files – our software comes with a user-mode shim (PetaLink) that does efficient random-access on-the-fly decompression out of memory so that the files appear with their original filenames in their original format. Performance is improved by doing this, due to I/O savings.
  • The Cloud Edition of PetaSuite even allows you to transparently migrate your pipelines to the cloud and/or access remote data as if it is local without downloading it first.