Genomic data in practice.
A keynote presentation by PetaGene

PetaGene's Genome UK considerations

Data storage, security, sharing and analysis

Genome UK is an exciting and ambitious new government initiative announced in September 2020 that builds upon the UK’s existing genomics organisations.

We have some recommendations for how to prevent some foreseeable problems, and to make it a real success.

Our recommendations cover key issues in:

    • data security and privacy, including regional encryption and data minimisation
    • reducing technical barriers to ensure efficient IT and lower costs
    • the need for computational reproducibility, and supporting existing pipelines
    • data integrity and information loss


This article is about Genome UK and targeted at its management.
A graph demonstrating how a PetaGene FE Plus BAM file storing the original quality score data is smaller than a regular FE CRAM without the original quality score and a FE CRAM also preserving the original read data.

FE Plus

Preserve all your sequencing data

Announced at BioData World Congress 2020, FE Plus is a feature of PetaSuite that enhances Functional Equivalence to  preserve all the quality score data that regular FE pipelines discard, in a footprint that is typically up to 10% smaller than regular FE CRAM.

Instantly switch quality scores back to the original quality scores (OQs) in FE Plus BAM using just an environment variable setting, with the option to revert back to the original FASTQ.


Genomic data privacy

Achieving compliance while enabling scientific progress

Join the discussion on the impact of regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA on how personal health data, including genomic data, is stored, accessed and shared.

In this Elixir sponsored webinar, PetaGene demonstrates how its encryption platform, PetaSuite Protect, permits organisations to adhere to these regulations while enabling scientific collaboration to continue in a secure and compliant manner.

We hear from Sarah Peter, Infrastructure and Architecture Engineer at the University of Luxembourg and Dr Shaman Narayanasamy, Staff Scientist at Megeno on their perspectives and how they are approaching the new regulations and requirements.


View the BioData World Congress 2020 keynote presentation

Thank you for your interest in playing back on-demand this keynote presentation from BioData World Congress 2020 which was first broadcast on Monday the 9th November 2020.

The 19 minute presentation by our Co-founder & CEO Dan Greenfield covers:

    • Complexity and scale of the bioinformatics ecosystem.
    • File format standards and compatibility.
    • Computational reproducibility.
    • Challenges of Compliance, Cost, and Cloud.
    • Community standards, such as those from GA4GH.

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